Estate planning guidelines for foreign millionaires.

We're continually shocked by the number of lawyers, accountants, and financial advisors in the United States who specialize in tax, estate, or financial planning and don’t know how to deal with the everchanging circumstances, problems, and cultures of foreigners—especially those of the Mexican or Latin American foreign investor. By failing to consider the unique challenges posed by your nationality, residency, or immigration status, they’re placing you—and everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve—at risk. 

Our practice is 100% committed to the foreign investor or business owner. We understand your desire for safety and security after dealing with the violence and instability that many of our Latin American countries have suffered in these last few years. The Definitive Blue Book of Estate Planning for Foreign Millionaires is just one of the many valuable resources MEG International Counsel, PC offers to help you proactively plan for the future. 

5 Mistakes That Put Your Family and Assets at Risk

The Definitive Blue Book of Estate Planning for Foreign Millionaires is divided into five parts to provide you with a complete picture of the opportunities and restrictions for Mexican investors in the U.S. It outlines the key mistakes investors make that result in unnecessary taxes and additional burdens for their heirs.

  1. Not understanding clearly U.S. laws. This section provides a brief overview of the various laws and treaties applicable to foreign investors regarding inheritance taxes and gifts, as well as transfers to third-generation family members in the United States.
  2. Failing to consider the effects of estate and gift taxes in the U.S. This section is addressed to those investors whose ticket to the United States is through an investor visa or permanent residence.
  3. Believing non-resident aliens must follow the same rules as other foreign investors. We analyze the effects of estate and gift taxes in the U.S. in regard to non-resident aliens and those who emigrate to the U.S. under visas or as a non-immigrant investor.
  4. Not knowing how to avoid restrictions to foreign investments. This section explores the dangers for foreigners to transfer, assign, or contribute real property in exchange for stock without understanding the implications of the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA).
  5. Not having a plan to minimize risk and take advantage of opportunities. Here, we look at strategies and planning opportunities as well as problems and unnecessary risks often incurred by Mexican and other foreign investors.

The Secret to Financial Peace of Mind

The United States has been the cornerstone of your quest to diversify, safeguard assets, take advantage of planning and investment opportunities, and protect your family. But those strategies can quickly turn into a nightmare when you put your faith in an American lawyer who doesn’t understand U.S. inheritance laws for foreign nationals. Our guide gives you the information needed to level the playing field—saving you thousands of dollars in the process!

The Definitive Blue Book of Estate Planning for Foreign Millionaires is an incredible value that is our gift to you. Complete the form to request your book, then call us at 800-694-6604 to start creating an estate plan that fully protects your assets and provides for your heirs in the way they deserve.