Partners in life and in the law, attorneys María Elia and Antonio Gastélum have built their practice on a foundation of international legal knowledge and an understanding of the needs of ultra-wealthy Latin American businesspeople. Whether designing estate plans that protect foreign assets from the U.S. tax burden or smoothing the way for the expansion of a business enterprise into the U.S., María and Antonio put their clients first as they help them meet and exceed their legal goals.

A Unique Perspective on Estate Planning

In today’s global economy, geographical borders are becoming less of an obstacle for wealthy multinational families. Our clients’ families often have members with citizenships in several countries, making it more challenging to create an estate plan that protects their hard-earned assets and properties around the world. However, María and Antonio are able to meet those challenges for their clients with highly personalized and creative solutions.

Licensed in Mexico and the United States

A law graduate of the Universidad de Monterrey in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, María is licensed to practice law in both Mexico and California, but not in Texas, allowing her to represent clients in cross-border legal matters. Antonio is also a law graduate of the Universidad de Monterrey, is licensed to practice law in Mexico and Texas, but not in California, and has a master’s degree in comparative law and business planning from the University of San Diego School of Law. His practice focuses exclusively on international estate, business, and financial planning. Both of our attorneys are highly sought after as presenters at various legal and financial forums in the U.S. and Latin America.

Providing the Kind of Service You Expect

Along with their specialized legal knowledge, María and Antonio know how to provide the highest level of customer service, something our discerning clients have come to expect. They are responsive to client needs, keeping them apprised of the legal process without disturbing them unnecessarily. They are knowledgeable about changes in immigration, tax, and other laws to anticipate clients’ needs as the laws evolve.

If MEG International Counsel, PC sounds like the kind of firm you are looking for, contact us today. We conduct much of our business online primarily due to the busy lifestyles of our clients, so there is no need to travel to San Diego or Houston, to meet with us. We look forward to hearing about your international legal needs!