Understanding the MEG International Counsel, PC Process

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At MEG International Counsel, PC, we not only take the time to educate and inform our clients of the details of each transaction, but we take the time to visit with the clients to get to know them and their families better and learn their concerns, goals, and objectives. We answer all of their questions and address pressing issues in order to deliver optimum results.

For every matter, we follow a five-step process to ensure the highest level of service.

First Step: A Planning Session

The MEG Process℠ starts with a vital information gathering and planning session. This includes a telephone, videoconference, or personal meeting with you and any advisors you would like to include. We take the necessary time to understand your needs and unique circumstances surrounding your present situation. We will answer your questions and give you clarity about international regulations and requirements. During the planning session, we will begin to design and jointly set the objectives, options, and planning possibilities for your future. You will understand exactly the work that must be carried out in order to successfully accomplish your goals.

Second Step: Design Stage

During this stage, the lawyers, advisers, and assigned MEG International Counsel staff will gather additional details and further information to begin to apply the solutions and objectives set in the previous session. We work with you and your advisors to ensure all national and international requirements are satisfied and your needs are met. Once all the information is obtained, we will begin to write and prepare all the documentation specific to your situation.​

Third Step: Signing Session

In this session, we will meet once more with you by videoconference or around a table, to finalize and sign the necessary documentation for the implementation of the entrusted strategy, plan, or business. Likewise, with the desire to be more efficient with the times of all involved, you will have the presence of a “Notary Public” to certify the documents that require it. If we meet long distance, we will deliver to you all the necessary documentation via a courier company, for your signature and return to our offices.​

Fourth Step: Delivery

Once the transfers of property, changes in records of banks or financial entities, records before government agencies, and funding works of the estate plans are finalized, you will receive your original documents duly ordered in a special portfolio or folder, as well as in digital form on a USB or custom flash drive.​

Fifth Step: Maintenance

While we can have the knowledge related to taxes, applicable legislation, and planning techniques and strategies, the reality is that we do not know and cannot anticipate when you will be disabled or die, when laws are changed, goods are added, consumed, or replaced, what your family dynamics will be at any time, or how your priorities may change in the future. Therefore, for the first year from the delivery of the documents, you will be registered in our annual maintenance plan, MEG Cares℠, and where appropriate, in the DocuBank® membership, at no additional charge.​

For more information, please consult the MEG Cares℠ and the DocuBank® sub-tabs above.

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