Ways Inexperienced Lawyer Ruins Int'l Estate Plans

America may be known as the land of opportunity, but this doesn’t mean the typical American estate planning attorney is best equipped to handle your complex legal and financial needs. As a wealthy Latin American or Mexican investor with a global business presence, you need someone with the specialized skills necessary to navigate the challenges posed by your family, business, and investment ties to the United States.

The Wrong Attorney Can Put Everything You’ve Worked for at Risk

In 5 Ways Your International Estate Plan Can Be Pulverized by a Lawyer With No International Experience, Antonio and Maria Gastélum draw on their experience as licensed attorneys in Mexico and the U.S. (Texas and California, respectively) to explain how typical American estate planning attorneys do their wealthy foreign clients a disservice by:

  • Not identifying or determining the tax residence or domicile of the client and of the beneficiaries or heirs
  • Not informing their client of the tax consequences of their domicile and residency
  • Misinterpreting the reasons that motivate a foreign client’s tax and estate plan—particularly in regard to privacy and safety
  • Not understanding the need to integrate solutions outside the U.S. and include advisors from the client’s country of origin or place of residency
  • Not fully understanding how a client’s culture affects the legacy they wish to leave

In an exclusive bonus section, we’ll let you in on a secret that few Latin American or Mexican investors understand—why you also can’t trust the attorneys who work for insurance companies, banks, or financial service providers.

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