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In addition to responding, I recommend that you watch the video about the best way to invest in the U.S. Now, when someone invites you to invest in the U.S., generally it means that two or more persons have the same investment goals. But the similarities between the investors end here. In these cases, in addition to the economics specifics, the most important thing is to find out who is inviting you to invest or who you’re going to be doing business with. In other words, you have to find out if those individuals are in the U.S., if they’re citizens or legal residents, or if they’re foreign non-residents like you.

It’s important to keep the foregoing in mind because different investment strategies can be used. For example, if the person inviting you is a citizen or an American company, it may be possible to implement a Portfolio Interest strategy in which you grant a loan to that person or corporation, the corporation pays you back a market-interest, the borrower deducts the expenses and interest paid to you, without any withholdings for those payments, and without being subject to pay income taxes in the United States.

Another example may be if a group of foreign citizens invest together in the U.S. In this case, the problems are the same except it’s recommended that each person has their own individual strategy whereby they participate in the U.S. business or investment. This is because the individual objectives are always different, and in some cases everyone’s nationality is different, when two or more persons get together to carry out a business transaction or investment. This is generally the case when one of the investors wants to profit from a portfolio interest strategy for his own personal benefit, for instance, while the other wants to use the earnings as savings or distribute them among his children or beneficiaries, etc.

Thus, the adage repeats itself. The best way for a group of foreigners to invest in the U.S. is to create an individual legal strategy for each investor and later on participate in the collective strategy needed to invest or to do business.

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