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It depends on many factors, as well as the attorney or law firm that’s eventually chosen or hired. But in order to give the reader an idea, the most important factor is the complexity of the matter and the diversity of assets and jurisdictions in which the assets are located, and the residence and nationality of the clients, as well as their heirs and beneficiaries.

This means that the cost and legal fees for any matter range from a few thousand dollars if you have a single property whose documentation can be concluded in a few weeks depending on the workload of the lawyer, to several hundred thousand in costs and fees, as well as months of work, and the effort and collaboration of multiple professionals to structure and implement the most complex and high-value strategies. However, the average time required to finalize the majority of our clients’ transactions range from four to eight work weeks, with and average cost that fluctuates between $10,000 and $30,000 dollars.

The majority of the matters we have handled in the past require the creation of a U.S.-foreign or domestic trust, as well as creating a foreign entity along a domestic one. However, when the client requires privacy, or the assets have an above-average value, more complex strategies are required and sometimes multiple trusts and companies as well.