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For the parents and grandparents that we do business with, this is a very frequent concern. It’s important to remember that the best way to protect your estate and, above all, to enforce and control the way your estate will be used or distributed when you’re no longer alive, is to establish a “trust” that will allow your instructions to be followed as you wish.

Likewise, a trust is the perfect vehicle to handle many types of family issues including cases where the surviving spouse remarries, to insure that the estate goes to the intended beneficiaries, or to protect the estate against reckless over-spending by some of the children or beneficiaries.

We Offer Complete International Estate Planning Services

Are you an ultra-wealthy citizen of Mexico or other Latin American country who has considerable investments and assets in the U.S. as well as in your home country? You need to speak with an international estate planning attorney. MEG International is committed to helping you protect your assets, control the distribution of your assets after death, and determine the direction of your business or family after you are gone. Call us at (800) 694-6604 or contact us online today. Do not put off this important decision for later. Our firm will provide you with trustworthy and reliable representation so you can get the peace of mind of having made the right decisions.

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