Santa Claus on a sled

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The legendary figure supposedly has its origins around the 4th Century in Greece who is said to have been a bishop named Saint Nicholas who delivered presents to the homes of well-behaved children during Christmas Eve and the early morning of Christmas day.

Through the years, other Christian cultures and regions have adopted the legend and the dear old and potbellied man whose last name was probably also big-keister, as yours truly. He has also been known as Father Christmas in the Untied Kingdom since the 16th Century, as well as Kris Kringle and Santa Claus in the Americas since the early 19th Century.

Well, if we were his estate planning attorneys, even though Santa and Mrs. Claus may be immortal, we would still propose to them, given the possibility, but not necessarily the probability, of dying given that we believe in the popular saying that there are only two certainties in life—death and taxes (although not all of them), the creation of a last will and testament along with a living trust that contemplate the orderly distribution to their families, beneficiaries, or favorite charity or foundation, of their home and toy workshop in the North Pole, as well as the patent and trademarks for all of those toys and specially for that mighty sled of his, and enough funds to support, probably eternally, those reindeer.

Also, due to his apparent lack of physical fitness, although his ability to climb on rooftops, to lower himself through chimneys, and to herd the reindeer and his elves is surprisingly good, or if he were to fall from the sled while flying from town to town or while climbing a tree, the odds of one of those activities resulting in death or a physical disability, whether temporary or permanent, are quite high that we would also recommend the purchase of a couple of disability and life insurance policies so that Mrs. Claus could maintain her standard of living until the next winter while she is able to wrap the new Santa on to her little finger.

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In this time of holidays and family reunions, Maria Elia and I, and the rest of the MEG International Counsel team, wish you a Merry Christmas, or however you refer to your holiday, and a happy and prosperous new year.

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