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Wealthy Mexican and Latin American investors like you are increasingly turning to the family office to streamline their personal and financial lives. At MEG International Counsel, we encourage our clients to join the community of other wealthy families who utilize single family offices, multi-family offices, and outsourced family offices to assist with their tax planning needs.

Family Offices Offer a Sense of Control Over Tax Planning

Family offices provide services that are personalized to fit the specific needs of each family member. However, without these vital services, wealthy families are risking threats from mistaken tax return filings, lack of planning for international relocation, mistakes in real estate structures, and oversight of double tax treaty planning. 

Filing Tax Returns Correctly

A family office can offer assurance for the correct tax filing procedures for its clients. This includes preparing and filing the required federal, state, and local tax returns. The family office can also help its clients to choose the best tax filing status, determine the correct amount of taxes owed, and file any necessary amended returns.

Planning for International Relocation

When relocating internationally, it is important to plan carefully for your taxes. A family office can help you to determine the best country for taxation, find appropriate investments, and structure transactions in a way that minimizes your tax burden.

Creating Formidable Real Estate Structures

A family office can help its clients to create the best possible corporate real estate structures for their needs. This includes help with choosing the right entity type, creating the correct ownership structure, and selecting the most advantageous tax jurisdiction.

Overseeing Double Tax Treaty Planning

A double tax treaty reduces tax burdens and provides legal security for foreign investors. A family office can help its clients to plan for double tax treaty benefits. This includes assistance with choosing the right country for tax residency, locating appropriate investments, and structuring transactions in a way that maximizes the available treaty benefits.

Let MEG International Counsel Help You Create a Family Office That Can Handle Your Tax Planning Needs

If you're interested in achieving the security that a family office provides your estate, MEG International Counsel can help you decide which type of arrangement is best suited to your needs. Attorneys Antonio Gastélum and María Elia Gastélum have the expertise necessary to address the challenges faced by wealthy cross-border families and can assist you in creating a family office that is best equipped to handle your tax planning needs. To schedule a consultation with MEG International Counsel, contact us online or call us today at (800) 694-6604.

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