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In this time of maximum caution and uncertainty due to COVID19, it is important not only to take this opportunity to focus on our health and family, but also to ensure that our family and human legacy can be implemented in case our health deteriorates.

That is why we have been thinking what and how we can contribute right now in a way that we can help not only our friends and clients but the community in general.

Since the probability that we are infected with COVID19 gets higher every day, as well as the probability of having to receive medical attention or having to go to a hospital, in addition to having the necessary technology to meet with you remotely, we give you the following links so that you and your family are prepared for such possibility.

Advanced Health Care Directives

Through the these links you will be able to download the necessary forms to create your own advanced directives or powers of attorney for medical purposes in case you or your family members cannot instruct your health care providers directly during your medical care. The forms that we put at your disposal are for California and Texas. If you live in a different state, you can do an internet search for such forms that are known as Statutory Advanced Health Care Directives for your own state. Some states provide the form in English and Spanish.

Advanced Directives—California

Advanced Directives—Texas

Durable Powers of Attorney

Also, if you were to get infected, and you are unable to tend to your own business activities, it behooves you to be prepared as well with a durable power of attorney to have someone you trust represent you and bring your business to fruition while you recover. Again, if you live in a different state than California or Texas, you can do an internet search for a Statutory Durable Power of Attorney for your own state.



Lastly, if you use these forms, you do it at your own risk. These links are provided as a public service only, and not as legal advice. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the forms, you should consult with an attorney who can advise you as to their legal meaning and scope.  

As an alternative, you can contact us to schedule a 30-minute consultation by telephone or videoconference. The cost of the consultation is $250, and if you prefer to have us prepare the powers of attorney and directives to your specific needs, the cost of the consultation shall be credited to the final cost of your legal fees.

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