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As a CPA, you want to keep your clients happy. However, this doesn't mean that you should expand your services outside your area of expertise. Wealthy Mexican and Latin American investors have complex needs, so you want to avoid giving advice that is ill-suited to their specific circumstances.

When your clients have legal concerns that go beyond the scope of business or estate tax planning, the smart move is to bring in an international attorney with skills and experience to deliver the top-notch services your clients require. MEG International Counsel can help.

Forming a Business Entity

If you're working with a client who is interested in forming a business in the United States, it's best to avoid activities that would constitute the unauthorized practice of law. This includes drafting the various documents associated with creating a business entity.

We can prepare operating agreements for clients who wish to form an LLC or bylaws for clients who are forming corporations. We are well-equipped to handle a wide range of business planning needs, including cases where one partner is providing financial backing, and the other is contributing services. We can ensure that your client's legal rights are protected and that they fully understand their obligations in relation to their proposed business contributions.

Creating an Estate Planning Strategy

Estate tax planning is another area where a CPA or tax prep office can benefit from consulting with an attorney. This is especially true when your client is a foreign resident or has heirs remaining outside the United States.

Our international estate planning services address important legal concerns associated with issues such as restructuring and retitling property in the U.S., gifting certain assets before death, and transferring property into certain legal entities or trusts to minimize estate taxes. We create specialized solutions that account for the residency and jurisdictional challenges common in international families to ensure that your client is able to leave a lasting legacy for their loved ones.

MEG International Counsel Is Here to Help

Attorneys Antonio Gastélum and María Elia Gastélum regularly work with CPAs and other financial professionals to assist their clients with a range of business and estate planning needs. After you facilitate an introduction to your client, we will continue to collaborate and provide necessary status updates that help to ensure a seamless customer service experience. To learn more, contact us today.

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